David M Turner Esq

Music Producer, Engineer, Composer

- #14 in the 25 best songs of 2015, Time Out Magazine USA 

“‘End of Times’ is confidently produced. You can pick the influences on Tourist Dollars’ sound, but it’s so well put together they have avoided being overly derivative. They’re good in the same way as chunky steak pies – never going out of fashion.”

- Grace Pashley, Who The Hell


“This week Magic America will launch their new self-titled EP on a double bill with fellow locals White Bleaches, who are launching their new single, New Age. The EP was recorded earlier this year with producer Dave Turner, whom the band had been introduced to by mutual acquaintances. Turner’s empathy with Magic America’s desired sound proved significant.  

“We had a couple of beers with Dave and we talked about some bands that we liked and he was straight onto it. He had these awesome techniques, including with the drums. He knew exactly what we wanted. So [the recording] was a mix of us knowing what we wanted and Dave already being on top of it. He knew a lot of the bands that we liked, and it was fun talking about those bands and going through the process.” 

- Interview with Andrew Stapleton of Magic America, by Patrick Emery in Beat Magazine


“Shock Me Sober’s probably the poppiest tune on the EP. It’s about being drunk and being “that bloke” at a party. The line “you can’t shock me sober” is about your friends telling you to behave; usually to no avail. Dave Turner did a great job with the drums and bass to this track.”

- Interview with Matt Stapleton of Magic America with Tone Deaf Magazine


“There's something crisp and easy-to-listen to in its lo-fi approach, a clear hint that the Melbourne band are onto something.”

- Review of Happy Slow Riverbends, Indie Shuffle